How to Buy the Best Desktop Computer

Buying a desktop computer that you use for your daily activities, makes you consider many options available on the market. This article shows you how to buy the best computer for your needs.

Computer manufactures like HP, Acer, or Lenovo offer great options to choose from when you buy a PC. The computer you choose to buy must be a computer that works best with your daily tasks.

Choose a computer based on what you use it the most, so it can fit your budget and your needs.

Desktop computers are classified as follows:

  • for home use
  • for business
  • for gaming
  • as servers

The most common tasks you use on a computer:

  • sending and receiving emails
  • getting information from the internet
  • playing media content like music and videos
  • editing photo, video
  • updating content on social media pages
  • playing games

What you should know before buying a desktop PC

When you buy a PC, you also should know a few things about the technical specifications. A computer has the following main components:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU (Processor)
  • RAM (Memory)
  • Storage device (HDD or SSD)
  • Video Card (integrated or discrete)
  • Power supply

A computer cannot run without the components mentioned above. All the computer parts go into a computer case and the final product is available for sale. Also software is a very important part of the computer functionality.

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What CPU to choose for a new desktop computer

The processor also called CPU (Central Processor Unit) is the most important component of the desktop PC. The computer performance is determined by the processor. This is why it is very important to focus on CPU specs as much as possible.

Depending on how we use the computer, the processor can make a difference when it comes to budget vs. performance.

If the computer is used for office applications or for writing articles, then the CPU performance may be average. In this case we can easily choose to buy a Intel Core i3 processor.

When considering using the PC for tasks that require more processing power, then choose a desktop with a powerful CPU. Photo and video editing are activities that need a better CPU. Recommended for this case would be a PC with Intel Core i5 processor.

Of course if you want higher performance you can opt for an Intel Core i7 processor. The Intel Core i7 processors are usually found on gaming computers but they are also recommended for video editing.

What is the minimum recommended RAM for a new PC

RAM (Random Access Memory) helps the CPU process with as many information as possible. The higher the RAM, the faster the computer will be.

The minimum recommended for a desktop PC would be 8 GB of RAM. If your budget allows you to opt for 16GB of RAM, then you should not hesitate.

HDD or SSD? What should I choose for a new computer?

The storage unit known until recently as HDD (Hard disk drive) is less and less used. This storage type is being successfully replaced by SSD (Solid Stare Drive).

The difference between these two storage devices is major. They are based on different systems when it comes to how to write and store data. The SSD distinguish itself by the high speed of writing and reading data compared to HDD.

This makes the SSD preferred over the HDD. Also the rather low price of an SSD has further strengthened its position in the top of user preferences.

What type of video card should I buy?

The video card is the key element of a desktop PC. You choose the graphic card depending on how you use the computer.

There are two types of video cards for computers:

  • the integrated video cards, part of the motherboard chipset or integrated into the CPU
  • the discrete video cards, that runs independently on a motherboard slot.

If you buy a PC for editing web pages or for working with office applications, then an integrated video card is enough.

If you want to use your desktop for other tasks, such as video or photo editing, then it is advisable to opt for a computer with a good discrete video card.

When it comes to gaming, any computer that is used to play games needs a top dedicated video card. Also a good processor and as much RAM as possible are recommended.

Determine what to use the new computer for

The most important step when buying a desktop PC is to determine what to use it for. Find a desktop PC according to your needs. To do that, use to filter the specifications.

Here are the steps to follow for choosing the right computer:

  • go to PC Finder
  • use filters to determine what computer you want
  • choose a computer manufactured if you prefer one
  • choose a computer type (PC, Mini PC, All-in-One, etc)
  • use the “Recommended for” filter to choose your type of project
  • filter the computers by hardware and software resources

Once you have found the computer you want to buy, check its availability in online stores for the best promotions. Analyze the offers and buy the product closest to your requirements.