Elevate Your Business with HP Pro Tower 290 G9 Business Desktop

HP Pro Tower 290 G9 Business Desktop - Sleek design, powerful 12th Gen Intel 4-Core Processor, and business-focused features

Welcome to our affiliate blog! We are thrilled to introduce the HP Pro Tower 290 G9, a fantastic business desktop with the latest 12th Gen Intel 4-Core Processor. It’s not just a powerful work buddy; it’s your chance to level up your business tools. Performance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The HP 290 G9 rocks an amazing 12th Gen … Read more

Open This PC instead of Quick Access in File Explorer

File Explorer Windows

File Explorer is a great app built in Windows OS. It helps users browse, copy, move or open files on their Windows PC. Using File Explorer you can also find information about the files from your computer. To do that, right click on the file and select Properties. A window dialog will display the available … Read more

How to Buy the Best Desktop Computer

Best Desktop

Buying a desktop computer that you use for your daily activities, makes you consider many options available on the market. This article shows you how to buy the best computer for your needs. Computer manufactures like HP, Acer, or Lenovo offer great options to choose from when you buy a PC. The computer you choose … Read more

WhatsApp for Desktop does not work on Windows Computers

WhatsApp Microsoft Store

WhatsApp for desktop on Windows is not working sometimes and this can be frustrating. If you reinstall WhatsApp for desktop on Windows it will start working again, but only until you close it. After you close the WhatsApp desktop app, it will no longer start again. You can always go to the web version of … Read more

Best Computers with Free Software for Business

Computer for business

If you have a business that requires simple tasks like editing and printing documents, then you need the best computers with free software. Also the desktop computers that are intended for daily office work are the ones that are part of the entry level range of hardware performance. These computers usually are cheaper and they … Read more

How to fix Windows using Command Prompt

Fix Windows using Command Prompt if the operating system becomes slow after a long time of usage. When Windows is slow, tasks are getting very hard to complete and the installed programs are running slowly. Also the PC will get a heavy usage of CPU, RAM or disk in the task manager processes tabs. If … Read more

How to make Windows faster using Performance Options

Windows Performance Options

Windows OS can be optimized to get better performance. The “Performance Options” tool is build in specifically for that. Microsoft offers a lot of optimization options in their operating system so users can set Windows to run faster accordingly to their PC hardware. If your computer runs slow when you are using it for daily … Read more

Free Up Disk Space on Local Disk C in Windows 10

Free Up Disk Space in Windows

Windows 10 runs out of free space frequently and you need to Free Up Disk Space on Local Disk C. This happens because some computers have small partitions or reduced sized storage (HDD/SSD). When Windows runs low on disk space, it will show the error Low Disk Space on Local Disk C. The error notifies … Read more